AR.Drone Control App for Windows and Microsoft .Net

Parrot itself does not yet offer a Windows SDK for the AR.Drone. That is why Stephen Hobley, Thomas Endres, Julien Vinel have been working on an .Net SDK and a Windows control application for the AR.Drone. ARDrone-Control-.NET has been released last week and the source code is up on GitHub.

The AR.Drone can be controlled through DirectX inputs, like joysticks as well as keyboard and the Wiimote. Display of camera video is supported and can be saved from the control application.

Stephen has a short demonstration up on Youtube in which he explains and demonstrates the various possibilities of the control program.

24 thoughts on “AR.Drone Control App for Windows and Microsoft .Net”

  1. I just got a few AR Drones. Was thrilled to see someone develop a .NET SDK for it. That must have been a tremendous effort. I wanted to ask: Would any of your team be interested in paid support/customization contract work around your SDK?

  2. Thanks, i’ve tried to get to this site on a few different browsers, but for some reason you get an infinite pause. Just tried again, same thing.

    I guess I’ll wait and see if it clears up, but it seems his site is having problems. Or I am experiencing something unusual.

  3. How freaking awesome, you guys rock. One question; are there any plans for a MAC controller? How cool to able to control flight from laptop & logitech type controller.

    Thanks for your time……….

  4. Thank you very much for the development.

    the only thing i couldnt find is a good or working guide to get this app up and running.
    after a bit of struggle and reading i’ve learned that i need to install directx and microsoft visual c++ 2008 to the the application to start but i still cant get it to connect to the drone.
    i can see the interface itself but still cant connect or control the drone from my computer.
    I was wondering what i was doing wrong and hoping that in the future there will be a more plug and play version of this application,

    Thank you very much.

  5. How is this going on? Will we ever be able to controll the AR Drone with this (by the way great looking) software? I have a similar problem as all the others. I can start the programm but can’t connect to the drone. It just says idling in the bottom right corner 🙁

  6. I was just wondering if there is any word from Parrot? Are they going to let this software be released to use?

    Regards, Shawn

  7. hi am having the same problem can’t connect to the drone. It just says idling in the bottom right corner 🙁 has anyone figured out what this problem is?? it would be great if some one has because i cant wait to try this out

  8. OMG!!!! That’s really brave of you guys! Very dangerous! I would never trust windows to pilot the drone! I can just imagine the Drone in mid flight, outside, 18ft, maybe also going fast and all of a sudden….
    Windows fatal error n°638
    Unable to continue.
    Sorry for your 300$ Drone….

    And let alone Vista or Windows 7! That would be a suicide Drone!
    No, I’m sorry, why would someone want do link a drone to a PC when not only it ca run on an Iphone, but it was actually made for it!
    If you want to run it on a Computer I definitely think it should be a Mac!

  9. Cool! Just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve had fun flying with my iPad but my real reason (i.e. the real excuse) for buying was to do my own image processing on a laptop. I’ve been slugging through Parrot’s SDK on a Linux box but progress has been slow. Your code looks great — I love the look of the flight instruments and with .net it should be pretty straightforward to start linking my image processing experiments.

    AR Drone Review

  10. That thing is waaaaaaaay too complicated to get installed and up and running, I tried for 2 hours and gave up. Useless as it stands. Parrot need to hurry up and approve it.

  11. Hello
    thanks for you code, its the best xD
    but I have a problem with the ar drone 2.0
    the camera isn’t working but with the ar drone 1.0 working very good
    do you know what is the difference ?

  12. daaaaaammmm thanks soooo much!! im using my joystick after like 10 years hahahahahaha and flys soooooooo awesomeeeee

  13. HI everybody,
    I’m looking for video-stream resolution handled by ARDrone-control application on AR Drone 2.0.
    The solution code seem to handle smaller resolution than HD 720p (1024×720)
    Does anyone can give me this information?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi, were you ever able to get the video working? I have neen testing with the drone 2.0 also and video output does not work at all. If so, what was your solution?

  14. Hi everyone

    thx for the help from this post.
    Does anyone know how to add the MS Kinetic sensor as a control to the .Net version of the ARDrone control?

  15. Hi,

    Is it possible to use the SDK to turn off the emergency power off feature when the AR Drone tilts too much? This feature very dangerous to the drone. I hope it’s a software feature and not hard wired into the drone.

    Thank you,

  16. Just downloaded the ARDroneUI_WPF zip, extracted, connected the Drone wi-fi and launched ARDrone.UI: Main windows opens, but nothing… I click STartup and nothing..
    WHat am I doing wrong, on my MacPro running Bootcamp and win7?
    Ah, BTW, what is the .vshost application?

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