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Parrot GPS Flight Recorder for AR Drone 2.0

Parrot is planning to release the GPS Flight Recorder add-on for the AR Drone 2.0 on July 20th. The flight recorder connects through USB and will allow you to geolocate your AR.Drone, keep track of its position and store videos (4 GB onboard = 2 hours of video) in its built-in flash memory. You will be able to point to a location within the limits of the Wi-Fi connection on a map and the AR Drone will automatically fly there. Pressing the Return Home button will make the AR.Drone come straight back to its take-off point in a straight line. Flight recorder mode will allow you to track your AR Drone’s flight in 3D. Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol (MAVLink) support will make it possible to program a detailed flight plan with QGround Control, available for Windows/Linux/MAc OSX.

Parrot AR.Drone Teardown

Over at iFixit they have dissassembled the AR.Drone to see what makes the drone fly. Have a look at their teardown of the AR.Drone and learn how they judge the repairability of the AR.Drone.

Mine is currently back to Parrot for a repair because the main board appears to be broken. After replacing the central cross I got the “Motor Emergency” error message. After Googling for the error message just now I read that that error message might be related to the firmware. Supposedly downgrading the firmware might fix that problem. Anyone familiar with this problem?