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Experimental GoPro HD steady camera mount for AR.Drone

Photographer Bo Lorentzen has made a prototype of a steady ARdrone Camera mount for the GoPro HD by using a 3D-printer. The idea was that the gimbal would provide a steadier image. After some quick prototyping Bo came to the conclusion that the AR.Drone was too light to stabilize a camera the weight of a GoPro. Unfortunately the experiment did not work as he planned but you can get an idea of what he was trying to achieve from the video below.

GoPro HD Hero 960 hull mod for AR.Drone

The video quality of the onboard camera of the AR.Drone leaves a lot to be desired. DroneScapes has done some serious modding of the AR.Drone hull to accommodate a GoPro Hero 960. Because it is a light weight HD-camera it is ideally suited to be used on an AR.Drone. In earlier hacks the camera was fitted to the top of the AR.Drone. This one is different in that it alters the shape of the hull body to fit the camera in the actual hull.

Hull modding

If your fingers are itching to do some serious AR.Drone Hull surgery you can prepare by reading the step-by-step instruction of this mod on the Dronescapes website.