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AR.Drone 7-missile rocket launcher

It had to happen. Ever since I saw the so called USB-pins on the AR.Drone main board I’ve been wondering what could be done with that. One of the first things to come to mind was one of those USB missile launchers. But after seeing the ‘fantasy’ missile launcher experiments at the exellent DroneScapes website the USB missile launcher all of a sudden seem kind of lame.

For starters have a look at the 5-missile launcher video (9.7Mb/MP4) by clicking on the image below for some real fireworks.

AR.Drone Missile Launcher

And then DroneScapes even went one step further and built this intimidating contraption:

AR.Drone 7-missile rocket launcher

Remember these hacks are from the category don’t-try-this-at-home and might seriously harm you and your drone. The latter probably won’t be eligible for any guarantee whatsoever anymore after tryings something like this.

But without further ado head on over to the Dronescapes website for some background information on their remote-controlled 7-missile launcher AR-Drone hack. Unfortunately they never released a video for that one.