Developing a native Urbi driver for the AR.Drone

Psykokwak, who made the earlier Urbi-videos I wrote about, has taken Drone hacking one step further. In the videos he made a PC was still required to program the AR.Drone with Urbi. From what I understand from his blog (my French is not that good) he is now working on some native (Urbi?) software that can run on the AR.Drone itself so you won’t need a PC anymore to control the drone.

He has put up some preliminary (version 0.1) binaries and accompanying source code on his weblog with a big warning that using the code will void your warranty and might brick your AR.Drone. As Psykokwak writes the code is more of a proof of concept and the whole project a work-in-progress since it is not 100% completed.

As far as hacking the AR.Drone goes this sounds promising and it is a development worth following. But for now: don’t try this at home just yet if you don’t know what you are doing…

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