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How to separate foam and plastic of the AR.Drone top hull

In a previous post a hull mod was shown to accommodate an external camera. On the Dronescapes website you can also find an excellent write-up of how to separate the plastic from the foam parts of the AR.Drone with isopropyl alcohol and a dulled plastic knife.

After modding you can later put the parts back together with the tape from the AR.Drone Adhesive Kit or some similar double-sided tape.

Parrot AR.Drone Teardown

Over at iFixit they have dissassembled the AR.Drone to see what makes the drone fly. Have a look at their teardown of the AR.Drone and learn how they judge the repairability of the AR.Drone.

Mine is currently back to Parrot for a repair because the main board appears to be broken. After replacing the central cross I got the “Motor Emergency” error message. After Googling for the error message just now I read that that error message might be related to the firmware. Supposedly downgrading the firmware might fix that problem. Anyone familiar with this problem?