MAVLink and QGroundControl

MAVLink is a very lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for communicating with micro air vehicles. MAVLink was first released early 2009 by Lorenz Meier under a GPL license. The MAVLINK Common Message Set describes the various message headers. You can integrate MAVLink with the Robot Operating System (ROS) in order to control your micro air vehicle.

QGroundControl, the open source Micro Air Vehicle Ground Control Station / Operator Control Unit can be used to operate your Drone. It is based on PIXHAWK’s Groundstation. Further development is now done in a joint effort with the community. Have a look a the QGroundControl video to get an idea of its control interface.

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  1. Hi Drone Hacks,
    I was wondering if you could point us in the right direction. We’re working with Recon Instruments ( to integrate their heads up display into our paintball gear. One of the things we want to do is view the camera from an Parrot AR Drone on the Recon HUD while controlling it from an IPhone or IPad. We already know the Parrot AR can be controlled by the HUD but we want to broadcast the video to multiple HUDs and other devices at the same time. Do you happen to know how we can do this or if someone knows how to do that mod/hack?

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