3 thoughts on “AR.Drone 2.4Ghz RC mod video tutorial”

  1. Very informative, thanks. I’m planning on purchasing a DX6i, Can you actually reach 2.5 KM? What was your actual field range? This is a silly question, bu I assume real time video streaming is not available when using the RC huh? It would be cool to stream images from 2.5 KM away LOL. I appreciate your response! Joseph

  2. You could mount into the Ar Drone a MPV system.
    But the problem is that the Dronewill gain a lot of weight:
    The MPV + Rx+Arduino+BEC+ a larger battery to power up everything+ all wires to join all this, will force a lot the motors, the Drone has no glidding properties for that the motors will need to be runnig all the time.

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