Programming the AR.Drone with Urbi SDK (Linux)

Jean Charles Mammana has written an AR.Drone driver for the Urbi platform. Urbi is an open-source software platform that allows you to write programs to control robots like the AR.Drone, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Bioloid, Spykee or even the Segway.

With Urbi you can use one environment to write programs and behaviors for a diverse set of robots or complex systems.

Gostai, the makers of Urbi, also have developed Gostai Lab, a rather expensive toolkit (1490 euro) with which you can develop your own graphical interfaces for your Urbi-projects. You can see the graphical interface made with Gostai Lab in the next video. However you do not need Gostai Lab to run Urbi code and control your Drone. The command line just does not look as spectacular as the GUI.

The Urbi program used in the video to have the Drone track the red ball is only 25 lines of Urbi code. You can download a Linux tar-ball of the Urbi SDK with the required AR.Drone drivers from the Urbi et AR.Drone page (French) on Jean Charles’ website to start experimenting with Urbi yourself.

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