AR.Drone live onboard video – “height record”

Trying to reach new heights with the AR.Drone out in a field. It does go quite high for a toy quadricopter if you ask me. Flight was reasonably stable but the controls were not very responsive.

The video was shot with Display Recorder, but at the end a lot of frames have been skipped. This video had the following settings: Rotation: Landscape Left, Video Quality: Medium, OpenGL capture: On, Grayscale: Off (obvious), Framerate: 20fps and Lock Framerate: On. I will try to play with the settings and see whether I can improve the quality of the next video. If you have better quality please leave your settings in the comments. Perhaps the lack of responsiveness of the controls is related to Display Recorder.

7 thoughts on “AR.Drone live onboard video – “height record””

  1. How high do you think it went? What happens when you lose ultrasound ability, does it make it hard to control? Is there a chance of it flipping and crashing when you flight it high? I want to be able to fly it above my house from the inside.

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